By: Lucas B


Owww! Ahhhhh! Heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllppppppppp! That is the sound of someone in deep trouble. That is the sound of someone with typhus. Typhus is a very bad disease. Many people have died from this disease, but there is hope in the 21 century. Still, many doctors are looking for the best cure. Typhus has a long history on this earth. There is two types of typhus. Epidemic and Murine typhus. Epidemic typhus is called the camp fever, Jail fever, and war fever. These are the most common places were you find Epidemic typhus. Murine typhus is passed by a rat flea it does not spread as fast as the Epidemic typhus.

A treatment for typhus

Typhus has a treatment! Good! The treatment that the doctors give to the patient is antibiotics. The main two antibiotics that doctors use is tetracyclines and chloramphenicol. There is also away to prevent from getting ringworm. Doctors use insecticides to prevent the spread of typhus. The doctors also dust people and their clothing with tetracyclines and chloramphenicol to kill typhus.

The types of typhus

Epidemic typhus is spread by human to human that is why it is found in camps, jails, and more common to see in times and places of wars. Getting dirty - clothes and body - and crowded by people gives a high chance of getting epidemic typhus.

Typhus is also found a lot in poor countries, because of sanitary conditions - if they cannot clean themselves contamination can easily occur and this can lead to death.

Typhus killed more than 3 million soldiers during the revolutionary period after WWI.

Murine typhus also called endemic typhus and is a mild form of the disease. It is transmitted to people by rat flea, but it does not spread as quickly as epidemic typhus.


So typhus as you can see is a very bad and killing disease that any person can get given the environmental conditions. There is a way to prevent from getting typhus and also a way to prevent it to spread. I hope that by reading this article you feel convinced to spread the word on how to prevent typhus to spread among people.

Lucas B.