By: Jackson Parrish, Abel Vital, Riley Smith


Uranium was first discovered in 1789. The radiation coming off of it was discovered in 1895. This was the first discovery of nuclear radiation. After this scientists worked on nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is the splitting of an atom’s nucleus on impact causing the release of energy. They figured out how to use it in 1945 during World War II. It was first used in the atomic bombs dropped in WWII. Now with further research nuclear energy is used in weapons, used to power cities by creating electricity, and also in the medical field.

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Effect on the Enivronment

Nuclear energy is not bad for the environment if used correctly. If the operators make sure not to leak any radiation (radiation leaks are rare) it causes almost no pollution. It is one of the cleanest ways to produce energy.


Nuclear energy is made when an atom’s nucleus splits on a heavy impact. The nucleus releases heavy amounts of radiation which is turned into nuclear energy. The nuclear energy can then be converted to electricity or other types of energy.


The cost for the government or a private company to set up a nuclear power plant is approximately $3,850,000.
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