The Plains Cree

Native people from the Rocky Mountains to the woodlands of Southern Manitoba were called the Cree. They lived for over 10 000 years. The farmers followed the bison around for food, hide and warmer climate (temperature\weather). They lived in Tepees on rolling hills with rich soil for farming.


The languages spoken by the Plains is what is now Canada belong to three linguistic families.Algonquin languages were spoken by the Blackfoot, Plains Cree, Gros Ventre and Plains Ojibwa; Siouan languages were those of the Nakota, Stoney Nakoda and Dakota. Dene was spoken by the TsuuT'ina.


When moving to a new camp, family property was transported on a trovois, a triangular frames of poles, dragged by dogs. Dogs were domesticated independently by indigenous peoples of North America. The trovois also provided the framework of the dwelling called a tipi, a cone of poles covered with buffalo skins.