By: Alex J. Moore

How Dictatorship is done when you say something bad about Dictator's.

Dictatorship is when only one person is the leader of that country and is the one that makes the rules, if you were to say something bad about the dictator would ether put you in a dungeon or if he did not have a dungeon then he would have his in forcers come to your house, go in your house and shoot you till you died.

This is what Dictatorship is about. ^

This guy is telling all of his people what to do and is telling his army soldier what to do, he is basically ordering people to do his chores for him.

The Type of government I am researching

I am researching Dictatorship.

Are you in favor or opposed to this type of government

I opposed Dictatorship because it is the most cruel thing a government could have.

Who is the head of this type of government

What ever culture picks them.

What powers does he/she have

They have power/control over the country and government.

How is this person chosen

Dictators are elected by coups and movements.

How are laws made in this type of government?

Laws are made by a Dictator.

Who is in the legislature?

There is no legislature.

What rights do citizens have?

They have no rights, it's all made by the Dictator

Can they vote?

Citizens can not vote

Examples of countries that currently have this type of government.

North Korea








The Dictatorship

This is Dictatorship ^

In this video there is a guy who talks about dictatorship and what people indoor, he also talks about the culture of dictatorship and how it effects people in a dictatorship.