Russia Job Opportunities

By: Moriah and Wesley

Growing and Declining Industries

Companies that are growing rapidly in Russia are:
  • Rosatom Nuclear Power Plants
  • Alcoa Inc. Mine Industries
  • General Motors Co, Volkswagen AG, and Toyota Motor Crop Car Industries

Companies that are gradually declining in Russia are:

  • Oil/Gas Industry (Exxon Mobil, Gazprom, and Chevron)

  • Russia's Military

  • Book Industry (BookExpo)

Job Opportunities to Relocate to Russia

  • Regional Fleet Manager
  • Legal Counsel Job
  • Gas Turbine Field Services Engineer Job
  • Test Engineer Job
  • Dealer Sales Job
  • Accounting Intern Job

US Companies with employees in Russia

  • Lenovo
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • NBC Universal


There are many opportunities in Russia for new kinds of jobs. Listed above are some of the available jobs.