Drugs Destroy Your Memory?

Amnesia Due to Drug Use by Karlie Der

Why I chose this topic?

I chose this topic because it has affected my family. Research could help me and my family because it will help warn and show the dangers. It can help others by showing the impact on it.

The 2 Types of Amnesia and Your Brain

Medical Induced Amnesia:

Used to help those in comas and in traumatic events, these help eliminate the memory. Those with PTSD typically have to be put through this when going through a memory, so their emotional reaction is weaker.


This was discovered by psychologist Theodule-Armand Ribot. The person closest to discovering drug-induced amnesia was psychologist Gisli Gudjonsson.

Non-Medical Induced Amnesia:

Involving both drugs and alcohol, these are known as "black outs". Benzodiazepines, (a type of drug) especially if combined with alcohol is a major source of this and can lead to major consequences.

The Brain:

When you are in either of the two above, the drug or substance blocks an enzyme called protein kinase Mzeta, which in turn fails and stops your brain from recalling the brain. When remembering things the brain uses much of the Frontal Lobe, but also many other parts.

Psychogenic Amnesia Theory:

Also known as a dissociative disorder, this can be caused by drug use alongside trauma. This is diagnosable by an EEG or PET scan.


A common misconception is that only war veterans suffer from this condition, this is untrue as many assault victims or other traumatic event victims suffer from this. As it mostly develops in the first 3 months, it can take many moths to years to develop.