Genius Hour

Unlock your inner genius!

Brainstorm, Research, Create!

First, brainstorm topics you are passionate about. Next, research some of the topics and then pick your favorite. Finally, using your research and your imagination, create a project that you can share with your class.

Every Friday!

Genius Hour will occur each Friday! Be sure to have your Chromebooks, as well as all the necessary materials you will need to create your project.

Let's Get Those Creative Juices Flowing!

Guaranteed to be Fun and Informative!

Frequently Asked Questions....

1. What if I can't think of a topic?

Your interests will guide your topic choice.

2. How do I do the research?

You will research your topic using Google search and Google Advanced Search.

3. Can I chose to do any project?

Your project must be approved by your teacher (me)!