My Digital Inventory

Jen Cheatham

ViSiOn of TeChnoLogy

Technology is changing our life. 20 years ago, the library faculty meeting was: Should we have internet connection for the computers in the library? 20 years later, we are discussing should we block the facebook? Technology infiltrates our life, it makes our life easier, it makes learning easier, quicker and more accessible. It suits for different types of learners, different types of purpose from different parts of the world. The world is changing as the change of technology, we will see where it leads us and it won't be a long wait. It is not a science fiction movie, it is REAL!

Technology is going to change the way of communication and learning. Books are going to be digital and promotion reading will move to online social media. As a 21st century learner, we have different access of learning and internet make it possible. I am ready to try different digital approach of learning and communication and apply it on all my jobs in Pinkerton.