Corporate Core Pilates Hour

Bring fitness to your employees with a weekly Pilates series

Vitality & Hardcore Pilates introduce Pilates in a corporate setting!

Tired of having to lug yourself to the gym after a long work day? Sick of having to wake up early to hustle to the gym before heading straight to work? We have the answer. Dr. Derrick Joseph of Vitality & Gayle Russell of Hardcore Pilates would like to bring fitness to your company! Details below.

You select a day during the week and we feature one hour of core strengthening

Our instructors are certified Pilates instructors and can not only help your employees who want to lose weight but can also help with improving posture and strengthening core areas such as the abdomen and back. This eventually can lead to less neck and back problems as well as other symptoms in the body such as fatigue and issues with blood flow circulation.

Here are some of the new fresh faces you may see as your Pilates instructor!

This is the ticket to healthier, more lean and strong bodies for your team!


  1. How do I sign-up our company?
  2. How much does this cost?
  3. How long can our company enjoy this service for?
  4. What materials do our employees have to bring with them to the Pilates class?

Contact Maxine for more information and our sign-up availability.

Classes are typically scheduled for one hour which includes Pilates mat instruction consisting of 60 minutes of core strengthening techniques, stretches and a cool down session.