Girls Are Precious

" Girls are powerful you just have to wait and see"

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"Girls Are Precious" Logo

The goal

The goal of my event is to bring awareness of something called gendercide. Gendercide is the killing of a specific sex. In this cause its girls. In many countries, for example India this is known to be normal. Women in India have killed there kids just because its a girl and they hope for a boy. The reason for my event is to get people to know about this cause and to help put an end to it.
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What can you do when you come to this event:

- Guest speaker Evan Grae Davis

- Donate to help stop Gendercide

- Watching the movie called " its a girl"

- snacks, beverage, and lunch will be given

- come and play games and wins prizes

- raffle draw to win a car. ( must buy ticket which goes to the Stop Gendercide Foundation)

- raffle ticket cost is 3.00$

- help volunteer to get hours ( call 647-885-6565 to get more information)

- Display results of women input in developing countries VS the women in developing countries

- Sign up for paint ball war last team standing wins prize

- Bring family and friends and enjoy

Girls Are Precious

Thursday, July 16th, 11am

Celebration Square

Bring family and enjoy!
It's a Girl Documentary Film - Official Trailer

We are One

My event " Girls Are Precious" Will bring an positive impact to the society. The reason to this is because we live in a developed country we will have a better understanding to how wrong this situation is. Also this event would more likely impact more woman than men because they would know if what the people are doing is bad and coming from more experienced. Also more people will get to know about this cause and help spread information about it. Also we have to under stand girls are just as equal as boys and that we are one. We deserve the same respect, and we to live. This event will bring more people the awareness that should be bought to this problem, the time has come to take action and to help defeat this problem. By coming to this event it will bring awareness in a fun and enjoyable way to interact and win and learn. Also this event will show there input of women in developed counties VS the women in developing countries. Also in this event we wil be creating a chart in which would display the results. Which is why this event will bring an positive impact.