News! Volume 2


Hi Guys!

Hey guys this is volume 2! We are doing great with this so I hope u enjoy them!

New armor??

Seeing any one with new armor of some sort??? Well There is now scorpion armor in jamaa! You buy the armor in epic wonders for only 1000-1500 gems per item! In total its 3750 gems! Here is a pic of someone with them and there user!

New adventure!

Incase u didnt know, there is a brand new member only adventure! Its called the great escape! I watched a vid on it and it sounds so fun! I hope u guys do it, cuz I sure want to!

Need Diamonds??

Need diamonds?? Well I cant give u some but I know where u can get them! There are now diamond cards in stores like target and walmart I hope u enjoy your diamonds and rememebr that members get diamonds every tuseday!

Have a great day! :)

I hope u guys will enjoy this and use this website it is really awesome and fun!