unlivable living conditions

1860 William DeBoer

The problem

The problem is that children, adults, and all people in between are living in extremely horrible conditions that nobody could live in

This must be an old-law tenement; the apartments in these buildings weren’t required to have ventilation in each room. The window facing the kitchen appears to look into a smaller room or closet. Digital image. Https://ephemeralnewyork.wordpress.com/tag/old-law-tenements/. N.p., 9 Mar. 2009. Web. 11 Mar. 2015

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What is causing this

The lack of money the city has and the little amount of care were giving to these people is just inconsiderate
One or two closets used as bedrooms with a living room twelve feet by ten with overcrowding led to poor sanitation which in turn caused typhoid and cholera outbreaks also remember the undisturbed garbage accumulating day by day and even workers in large industrial cities were often forced to live in tenamant housing also personal hygiene became an issue because the lack of running water another description shoddy apartment buildings that housed four families on each floor the inside was like crammed dwellers bunked side by side on canvas strips hung from the walls


the problem was and was not fixed the thing that happened was the tenement house act that makes a new building code but it never says to make the old ones like this so the people stuck in the old ones still have horrible conditions to live in and keeping the old horrible things as before