The United Kingdom

Audrey Roberts

Fast Facts



Population-64088222 People

Area-94058 Miles

Main languages-English

Main Religions-60% Christian

Distance from D.C-3692.17 Miles

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In the UK they get free healthcare. Its all funded by the central government. They still pay for prescriptions and some dental places. though the cost is increasing to finance the NHS people are happy about the NHS. But there are high quality care available but the cost is "a burden" for the UK. Private care is also available in the UK. Some people have private insurance so they don't need to wait for surgical things.


In the UK people still celebrate Christmas but instead of Santa, they call him Father Christmas. Its also on the same day as in the US. They also celebrate Guy Fawke's Day on Nov.5 because in 1605 a pilot who failed at blew up houses of Parliament. Boxing day is also a celebration. It was about giving small gifts to servants or tradesmen but now on Dec.26 its about visiting family and friends. Then there are other holidays like the Queen's B-day and Remembrance day, but these holidays don't get people off work.


English people like sports. They play all kinds of things like football (soccer) and they created the first rules for it too. The modern tennis was first played in England. Also the boxing rules developed there in the UK. People also like playing rugby. Their world class sports are darts, greyhound racing, and snooker. Snooker is a sport basically like pool. Upper class sports are tennis, cricket, and golf.

See And Do

i would love to see beautiful London. I would like to visit these two you-tubers, Dan and Phil. They are awesome people and i would like to meet them. Also i want to try their food and ice cream. They also have art galleries that might be really cool. UK has some theaters too and it could be fun. And the last would be to eat ice cream with Dan and Phil.