Bridging the Gap

By: Robin Reynolds, Spencer Laichak, Isy Martinez


This story is shaped by the Author's actual experience in the war. He was able to show this by being able to be very specific when he was describing how the soldiers stood, how they held their gun, what the setting was like, and provided and exact location and time for the story. This also helped him establish a world that felt realistic world to us.

An Occurrence at Owls Creek Bridge is about how Farquhar is being hanged for trying to help the Confederate army get an advantage over the Union by setting fire to a pile of driftwood that was piled up next to the bridge. He is now being hung over Owls Creek Bridge and he tries to ignore the fact that his is about to be hung.


The country changed from being a simple small industrial country to being one of the biggest industrial countries out there. We created the airplane and subway which revolutionized the world as we know. Not only was the way we traveled revolutionized but also the way people are to do things in their free time. The sports of basketball and football were invented and so was the first Olympics. The major political issues were that the Galveston Hurricane took nearly 10,000 people's lives and also the Spanish American war caused great losses in money and soldiers.The literature of the time changed to represent the many disasters that have happened and also the many great inventions that were created and invented.


During this time period World War 1 was happening and soldiers where affected by the war. When they where coming it wasn't the same. In " The Soldiers Home" Kerb lived in Oklahoma and was a Marine in World War 1. When returning home to his family, Kerbs home didn't feel like home anymore. He decided to move to Kansas City for a job and life was simple. The time period is connected to when this story was written because they both are due to World War 1.


All of the stories were connected by a war happening during their time period. The wars affected people in their home towns. These stories are different but the wars happening connect all of them together.