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Principal's Monthly Newsletter, September 2019

Welcome Back to School!

It has been a great start to the 2019-20 school year! We've had our first all school community meeting, focusing on the concepts of greetings and community. We've held our first bus drill, as well as several fire drills, ensuring that students and staff understand our emergency procedures. Our instruction in reading, writing, math, science and social studies are already underway and we've had our first visit with one of our Teachers College Staff Developers. Our kindergartners traveled to Barton's Orchard for apple and pumpkin picking. We've held our Back to School Nights, sharing curriculum with our parents, and enjoyed our first Parent-Principal Coffee, discussing the topic of gender identity. We've celebrated our first school spirit day, Rock Star Day, and have already distributed several CARE-ing rocks to students who demonstrated our CAREs values! We have so many exciting learning opportunities ahead and we look forward to continuing to nurture your child's mind in the coming weeks and months ahead!

Parent-Principal Coffees 2019-2020

This year, we will be hosting Parent-Principal Coffees throughout the year. These informal gatherings are a time to come together with the school principal, learn about what's happening at PRES, ask questions, and have conversations in an informal setting. This year, rather than hosting grade level specific Coffees, we will be hosting topic-specific Coffees. Here is the schedule for the year:

Save the Date... Parent-Principal Coffees:

All will take place in the PRES Library at 9:30 AM

Thursday, September 26th - Gender Identity

Principal Amy Fishkin and Dr. Ed Escobar gave a presentation on gender identity and how to talk with your children about the gender spectrum. Here is a link to the presentation:

Gender Identity Presentation

Thursday, October 3rd - Food Allergy Awareness

Meet with Principal Fishkin, and allergy expert Sue Kelly, to learn more about the different types of food allergies, the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions, and how to support friends with life-threatening food allergies.

Friday, November 15th - Growth Mindset

Learn about Carol Dweck's research on mindset and the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Learn how to use language with your own children that promotes a growth mindset.

Friday, January 17th - RTI Process and Tiered Support

Have you ever heard of Learning Lab? Wonder what systems and supports are in place when students are struggling to acquire reading and math skills? Learn about the District's RTI process and how we assess and provide students with building-level interventions.

Friday, February 7th - NYS Testing (Grades 3-5)

Are you curious about what the NYS ELA and Math tests look like? Are you wondering how the tests have changed over the years in response to the "Opt-out" movement? We will demystify the NYS tests, help you understand what to expect on them, and how to support your child at home in preparation for these State assessments in grades 3-5.

Friday, March 6th - Social-Emotional Learning

With a growing number of children developing anxiety, learning how to cope with the daily challenges of life is essential for our students to learn. Join us for a discussion on the ways we are supporting social-emotional development in our school.

Friday, May 1st - Supporting Your Child In Reading

Summer months will be here before we know it. Learn how to keep the reading momentum going so that children don't lose the progress they made during the school year. Learn about strategies for supporting your child when he/she gets stuck on a tricky word. Learn ways you can support your child's reading comprehension and love for books!

PRES 80th Birthday - November 8, 2019... Details coming soon!

How to Raise a Life-Long Reader who Loves to Read!

Please enjoy this interesting article from The New York Times:

No, Your Kid Shouldn't Get a Gold Star for Reading:

To Raise a Lifelong Literature Lover, Make it Fun, Not Work

This article really speaks to the ways we want to motivate students to read. It describes the surprisingly detrimental effects when we reward reading! A must read for all parents and educators who want to inspire young readers. Enjoy!

Library Program 2019-2020

We are fortunate to have Mrs. Rina Baldo with us, as our Librarian, supporting our students in library again. Mrs. Baldo will be shared between PRES and BHES this year. Mrs. Baldo will be at PRES on Mondays and Tuesdays. On these days, classes will have a weekly 30-minute library period to check out books and learn library skills.

2019-2020 Library Schedule:

Mondays (Grades 3-5):

Mrs. Guglielmo

Mrs. Conrad/Mrs. Davidson

Mrs. Neglia

Mrs. D'Urso/Mrs. Garvey

Mrs. Pappace

Mrs. Coughlin/Ms. Sullivan

Tuesdays (Grades K-2):

Mrs. Sachs

Mrs. Meyers

Ms. DeLesia/Mrs. Mascaro

Mrs. Bresnick

Mrs. Schreier

Mrs. Hart/Mrs. Mascaro

Student Handbook

The Pound Ridge Elementary Student Handbook includes important information about school procedures. In the handbook, you will find information about: School Hours, Arrival and Dismissal, Attendance, Homework expectations, Lost & Found, Lunch & Recess, Communication, Parking, Programs and Services, and more!

Please click on the link below, or visit our school website under "Our School," to access the student handbook: PRES Student Handbook 2019-2020

Code of Conduct

The BCSD Elementary Code of Conduct describes, in elementary language, the behavioral expectations in our elementary schools, as outlined by the District Code of Conduct.

Please click on the link below, or visit our school website under "Our School," to access the Elementary Code of Conduct: BCSD Elementary Code of Conduct

Please make sure you've reviewed these documents and discussed them with your child. The sign-off sheet that was sent home in backpack mail should be returned to the PRES main office by October 4, 2019.

October 2019 - What's Coming Up at PRES?

September 30 = NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashanah)

October 1 = NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashanah)

October 2 = BOE Meeting

October 3 = Parent-Principal Coffee @ 9:30 AM

October 4 = PRES Picture Day

October 4 = 15-minute Emergency Early Dismissal

October 9 = NO SCHOOL (Yom Kippur)

October 11 = Fire Prevention Day

October 11 = BCSD Fox Night

October 14 = NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

October 17 = Author's Day (Bill Doyle)

October 17 = PRES PTA Meeting @ 7:30 pm

October 18 = Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30 Early Dismissal)

October 21-25 = PRES Book Fair

October 24 = Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30 Early Dismissal)

October 25 = Parent/Teacher Conferences (No School for Students)

October 31 = Halloween Parade