Thomas's Post-Mortem

BY: Thomas W. Virden

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My favorite book series

My favorite book series is Ravens Gate by Anthony Horowitz

3 hobbies I have

  1. Editing and or photo shopping
  2. Building stuff
  3. Making money

Biggest influences on me

When i first learned about space i was very intrigued by it and i did more research on it and fond it was very exciting subject and i tried to understand as many theories and concepts as i could.

A place that has impacted me and why

I was at Camp Chris dobbins in Peaceful Valley. It was my first summer camp in another state and what i found so awesome about it was we all got to dress up as Greek gods. That got me more into the Greek books about demigods and stuff like that.

Angel of Death a poem

Angel of Death

In darkness of the night
I spied him in a tree
Sat I froze by the sight
He was looking at me
The summer's heat became a chill
The angel of death at his kill

My heart skipped with the fright
Blinked my eyes to bet'r see
Glanced back with all my might
Parted he my comp'ny
My chest was quickly pounding still
The angel of death at his kill

I did rise and take flight
The fear made me to flee
From darkness into light
To free captivity
Unbinding my soul from his will
The angel of death at his kill

Many years since that night
Gazed I on that braz'n be
Mem'ries of still incite
Fears of my slavery
Existence of him makes me ill
The angel of death at his kill