Packaging Management

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What is Packaging Management?

Packaging Management focuses on food packaging, health care and industrial packaging.

Sample Job Titles: Packaging Designer, Laboratory Manager, and more.

Companies that hire for these Positions: Coca-Cola Co., Hershey Chocolate USA, and more.

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Packaging Job Description

Responsible for stacking and piling goods into their correct containers and preparing them for shipment using various equipment. Cleans and prepares containers before placing goods in them.

  • Stack and pile finished goods into containers.
  • Prepare goods for shipment.
  • Pack them following a specific set of instructions.
  • Clean and prepare containers for packing.

Everyday at the Virginia Factory

What you do on the job is that you develop packaging for a company's products, with the goal of making the package both functional and cost-effective. You choose the materials, methods and machinery that go into the production of packaging supplies, and then you develop production methods that eliminate waste and unnecessary spending. Travel is often required. The engineers need good communication skills so they can interact effectively with other engineers and with various business professionals. The following table summarizes the basic requirements for packaging engineers:

How much Salary do you make a Year?

A Packaging Engineer earns an average salary of $65,823 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this field.

What school do you have to attend?

The school you have to attend is Alexandria Technical (Alexandria, MN) Center for Automation and Motion Control is responsible for delivering all relevant tools necessary for an individual to succeed in the technologically advanced fields of manufacturing automation and motion control. The program focuses on the study of hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics, programmable logic controller, robotics, automation, and related subjects. Students will learn the function, application, and operational theory of hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation components.

(You basically have to go to a packaging engineer college.)