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Case 1: College students

So, a couple of college students came to us and asked us if we can build them a computer so that they can create a media centre in the comfort of their home. Some things they want to use the computer was for playing High-quality movies, music and videos and their limited budget of $1500.

Hard Drives and CPU

An SSD is a type of Memory card which holds a lot of information 256 GB in this case. We chose an SSD because a Solid State Drive can be 100 times greater than a HDD (for faster computing). So, for these college students I chose a reasonably large Solid State Drive. It's called the Crucial MX100 256GB SSD that cost us $135.58. I chose this SSD since it is one of the biggest capacities and one of the best buys around the internet in terms of solid state drives. Another big competitor was the Samsung SSD although that SSD only had 250 GB it was reasonable to buy the crucial MX100 because it had more space and was the same price. So in reality you get 5 extra Gigabytes that can be used for system configurations. I bought this of since they have realtime price deals and never compromise and also have hard to beat deals and also their comprehensive filtered searches which make it easier on me as a computer builder.

The CPU is the chip that locates the files and distributes it to their respective components to do things (on,off). it is basically the brains of a computer where it tells the ligaments (components) to follow a specific command. The Central Processing Unit I have chosen to be the brains of this computer is the AMD A8-6600K which is similar to the Intel Core i5 however it is cheaper and might not have the same computing speeds as to the Intel CPU. The AMD A8 came up to $118.63 which isn't too bad for a mid-level CPU. the Intel Core i5 can come up to about $400 which might seem ridiculous. Still buying off of

Memory or RAM cards

Ram cards make the computer multitask and and run multiple applications and widgets. RAM A.K.A Random Access Memory cards are what run the movies other media without any buffering of any sort. For them I chose a medium quality RAM card although it is one of the best rated Memory card on the internet and is used by many people since they are powerful at a reasonable price. The Ram Card is known as the G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB (2x4GB) which I got for $94.90 from

Video Cards

A video Card is also known as a graphics card and it is very important so they can have high quality videos playing and also if they are interested they can render fast with the high speed render capability. I bought the Zotac ZT-60208-10L Graphics card PCI Express 3.0 X16 which had cost me $106.22. This Component was bought on www.newegg,ca. The graphics card that is purchased has a NVIDIA chipset making it incredibly reliable. for the price this can be one of the most underrated brand of the graphics card in its class.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is very important when it comes to a computer which has only one purpose... to play movies and other media possibly over CD's or Bluray Discs. the optical drive that i chose was the Pioneer 16x bd-r 2x bd-re for $67.78 this is a Bluray Disc reader which is important if the user(s) want to use it for high quality photos and movies.


A Monitor is very essential because of the fact that a computer needs a display that it can output all its data onto. So I chose the AOC 27" HDMI 1080p Widescreen Monitor. the price of the monitor was $253.10 after taxes. this Monitor was one of the most efficient monitors that doesn't burn your pockets. The AOC monitor is a 27" inch computer that was bought at


A motherboard is what all the components connect to to trade /send data amongst each other. it can also be referred as the foundation to everything inside the ATX-Tower. I wanted a reasonably priced motherboard which also had many ports to it which the user may want to add extra upgrades or what not. So I chose the BIOSTAR TA75M+ Motherboard, this is the cheapest motherboard which can run AMD chipsets and also has 2 PCI express 3.0 x16 slots. because it being one of the most important components the computer it can be very expensive and go up to as much as $4000 however having countless searches i stumbled upon this motherboard which cost me $90.38 on many of my components are from that website since I find it the most helpful.

Computer tower

the ATX-Tower or also known as the computer tower is basically what holds EVERYTHING together and organizes various components so it becomes a compact easy to store box. the tower can come in various sizes Mini, Standard and Large(Gaming). the tower i chose is a mini ATX meaning that even though it can hold normal sized components but in a more compact and secluded space. the advantage for the students is that when they are watching their movies or other types of media, the computer itself can be stored in a small space so no one can trip over it or spill something etc. the name of my ATX tower is the BitFenix Prodigy Cobalt Blue Edition w/ Window Mini-ITX. this mini tower comes in a cobalt blue colour and has its own window and vents to keep airflow going i picked this up for $56.36 which is a bargain since retail price can go up to $140. This was bought on the website know as


Speakers are a necessity with the media and movies and thats exactly what they're going to be using it for. If they want superior sound quality that can engulf the room when its being used thats the speakers i have bought them, the Creative InspireT63000 stereo speakers which i bought on for $79.08 they are not mountable however they can be placed anywhere and they adapt to their surroundings

Power Supply

The Power supply, without this the Computer will not even turn on! Power Supplies rely on the electricity from outside which transform to get you the correct amount of watts. there are many different amounts of watts a power supply can have. i have chosen 550 Watts for the Power Supply since the computer is a stable one and isn't overpowered. the power supply by name is the Rosewill-550 550W power supply continuous @50degrees Celsius. I got this one for $124.99 at

Keyboard and mouse

I knew that simplicity was key and i didn't want to make things a hassle (having a separate mouse and keyboard wired onto the computer). so I bought a Keyboard with an in-built mouse trackpad and the best part is, is that it's wireless and can be used from 10 metres away it is known as the Logitech wireless Touch Keyboard K400. This is a great combination since it reduces the amount of cables and other wiring needed for simple things such as a separate mouse and keyboard. I bought this at for $54.22


The Software/applications I thought which was vital for their Computer to run the necessary media were as follows:

Windows 7 Home Premium and McAfee Antivirus

this bundle saved me a ton of money since each of these programs are known to vary in prices from about 80 to 120 dollars. for this bundle I got it for $84.63 from

Open Office Suite $0

this was a must in every computer, a word processor no explanation necessary. Downloaded from

VLC Media Player $0

this is the leading movie /media player next to the in built windows movie viewer and is a great addition to their library with no extra charges. Downloaded from

Itunes/QuickTime Player $0

this Media player/ organizer is the perfect software for these youngsters, if they have Apple products they can also sync it to this computer if they choose to. Downloaded from

total expenses

BitFenix Prodigy Cobalt Blue Edition w/ Window Mini-ITX $56.36

Crucial MX100 SSD 256 GB $135.58

BIOSTAR TA75M+ Motherboard $90.38

Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 $54.22

G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB (2x4GB) $94.90

Creative Inspire T63000 speakers $79.08

Rosewill-550 550W power supply continuous @50degrees Celsius $124.99

Zotac ZT-60208-10L Graphics card PCI Express 3.0 X16 $106.22

Google Chrome Web Browser $0

AMD CPU A8-6600K $118.63

Pioneer 16x bd-r 2x bd-re $67.78

Microsoft Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit OSS and Mcafee Antivirus device bundle $84.63

Open Office Suite $0

AOC 27" HDMI 1080p Widescreen Monitor $253.10

VLC Media Player $0

I tunes and QuickTime Media player $0

Budget= 1305 after taxes

Grand Total : $1265.87

budget thats left over : $39.12