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Well convention is over and all I can say is WOW!! It was a blast but now I am sitting here exhausted. Lots of pictures in Amore Owls of the new product. Boy is it beautiful.

As you can see above. We now have a beautiful Team Logo. Creative Ape did a fantastic job.

As the fourth quarter rolls around I want us to make it a fabulous one. With all the new product coming out it would be a good idea to hold a fall launch party. Right now we are being told the week of August 10th for the take out menus and the week of August 18th for the product. So my suggestion is to schedule your fall launch party in September.

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Tops in PV for June. Way to go!!!!!!

Michelle O'Malley 2085.85

Destiny Gee 1909.1

Rachel Hunt 1716.6

Danielle Spencer 1318


Christine Miller 1111.9

Tiffany Gresock 1052.2

Tana Miller 1040.35

Tara DiGiorgio 994.1

Kaylyn McLaughlin 953.6

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Welcome to our New Designers and Congratulations to the Mentors of them.

Crystal Colon mentor Chenease Smith

Trisha Huntsinger mentor Elsa Feeny

Janet Rivera mentor Erik Gwardyak

Shea Smith mentor GABRIELLE KING

Elizabeth Ours mentor Heather Gaffney

Ginger Martin mentor Melissa Groff

Danielle Hallinan mentor Michelle O'Malley

Kristen Mulzet mentor Michelle O'Malley

Nicole Mix mentor Nicole Berger

Stephanie Messinger mentor Rachel Hunt