5th Grade April Math lab


Before coming to lab

In order to complete our line plot, teachers will collect data from students by confuting a "jump" in the math lab at some point before their assigned day. Materials (rulers, yard sticks, and measuring tape) and recording sheets are in the math lab for students to use. Students will measure their jump to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Before doing the "jump"- students may need a review of "how to read a ruler". A QR code with ruler reading games (link below) has been given to teachers. You can use it before you measure jumps, or after, but knowledge of reading a ruler will help them read a number line in fractions on the Line plot activities for Math lab.

Activity #1

Students will refer to data collected during their "jump". We will order the data on the board and then students will create a line plot with their partner to plot the jump data. We will then make a whole class Line plot in the front of the room on the board. Students will compare their line plot to the whole class line plot. We will discuss questions like:

What was our first step in creating a line plot? (putting our data in order)

How did we know where to begin and end our line plot?

What do the small marks between the #'s mean?

What was the shortest jump?

What was the longest jump?

What length came up the most (mode)?

What is the difference between the longest and shortest jump (range)?

What jump distance was our middle distance (median)?

Why do you think there are so many different lengths?

If we added the jumps of our 2 best jumpers, what would our total be?

How many jumps were measured?

Assessment for Groups

After creating a whole class line plot, students will take a Kahoot assessment. They will each receive a small Line plot to read in order to answer the Kahoot questions. Based on results, students will be placed into 1 of three groups: Red, Yellow, or green. The next activity is differentiated based on the student needs.

Activity #2

Differentiated task cards based on score from Kahoot.

Red- 1/8 inches group (90-100% on Kahoot)

Yellow- 1/4 inches group (60-89% on Kahoot)

Green- 1/2 Below 59% on Kahoot

After being placed into groups, students will read a line plot and then create a line plot with their partner. Teacher can rotate and assist as needed.

Extension/Early Finishers

Early finishers can go to Power my learning to choose a game to play. Additional games are listed below. There are also lots of resources in iXL, Study Jams and TenMarks.
More activities and resources can be found by accessing the Google Drive Folder shared below. Some printed Resources will be shared with teacher at the end of math lab.