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November 16 - 20

Important Dates / Friendly Reminders

Tuesday, November 17 : Family Fitness Night 6:30 PM

Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27: Thanksgiving Break

**Your child should be reading at least 15 minutes each night. For every 10 books they read, please send in an orange fish scale. If you need more scales, let me know and I'll gladly send more home!

In this beginning stage of reading, children are working on several skills, most importantly building their fluency. Without fluency, each and every word must be decoded, resulting in other reading behaviors having less of a focus. Some things to consider:

  • While it may be frustrating or time consuming to listen to your beginning reader, give them time to read. Their books should be relatively easy at this stage.
  • Let them reread the same books! Rereading the same words over and over again will help them to build their fluency.
  • Take turns reading. By listening to you read, your child will hear what a good reader sounds like. Give them the opportunity to read the short passage you've just read.


This week, we continue to learn addition strategies in order to help us learn our addition facts. Strategies will include adding 0, 1, and 2, doubles, and near doubles (also called doubles plus one). Additionally, we will look at the relationship between the Five Frame and the Ten Frame. We are learning to start with the larger number and count on in order to find our sum quickly.


Our newest literacy unit will have a social studies theme, with a focus on communities. Students will learn the importance of synthesizing while reading. Simply put, we will focus on the way in which small pieces of information combine to give us a larger idea. We will relate this to how pieces of a puzzle fit together to make a complete picture. We will stop to consider our initial thoughts and discuss how our thinking changed as we learned more information. We will also continue to review and practice determining important ideas from our texts.

Our spelling words this week will come from the /un/ and /ug/ word families. Our words this week will be:

  1. bun
  2. fun
  3. hug
  4. rug
  5. tug
  6. away
  7. to
  8. dull
  9. plug
  10. +1 personal word (to be decided as a class on Monday morning)

In Writer's Workshop we will learn how to apply our pre-writing ideas to a draft. We'll focus on turning our ideas into sentences. Students will continue to practice going back to fix their mistakes later. As first graders, they are so eager to learn how to spell and to be correct the first time! One strategy we've learned for writing unknown words is to write the sounds we hear and circle the word to go back to later. The students are slowly becoming word hunt experts, searching the word wall and the room to help them with their spelling.


This week, we will be building our sails in the STEM lab! Students will have the opportunity to design and make sails, then test and improve them. We will apply what we have learned about wind and air as well as what we know about properties of various materials in order to make our sails.

Just a reminder that two STEM bags will be going home each Friday. Students are responsible for completing the "E" task card in their STEM bag and returning their project by the following Friday. They will then have the opportunity to share their process with the class. Please be sure to return all of the materials that came with the bag. A list of included materials is enclosed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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