jason ortiz

Dallas Cowboys

Football is best sport in the world.The Dallas Cowboys is my favorite team. Thay are so fast ,athledic,and a graestat what the do.Thay are by far the gratest team in the world. The Cowboys never stop figthing almost every player will have a great game. What is your favorite alomst every one has a favorite team.Do you like the baers other people do.

Safety Issues


Football is know for its greatest ability to do smoething more then the avrige person. Team player haret themself by thouing the ball a faer distens . thay can pull a musutl i can commen with it becase i pull a nean musel it real heart bade. most player get haert very bad most braek a lage or hand. image what that would look like that must haert.

Dallas cowboy

In conclusion dallas cowboy is the best team in the world. I wonder what it would be like if i can play with the for one of the games. the dallas cowboy is the most team people go for.