What's happening in 1/2 Dodson?

Miss To

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Speech Competition

This term, all students from 1/2 Dodson had to write a speech from their chosen topic. Everyone in 1/2 Dodson did an amazing job in writing and presenting their speeches in front of the class. I'd like to congratulate Mohamed Radwan and Lia Keni for being the class speech winners!!

A big congratulation to Mohamed Radwan for coming second place in stage 1!! Well done Mohamed!!

Multicultural Day

As part of Multicultural Day 1/2 Dodson was chosen to learn about the country 'Japan'. Throughout term 3, 1/2 Dodson has worked very hard to understand the Japanese culture by learning about their celebrations, food, traditional clothing, popular sports, beliefs and values. The students also had the opportunity to create beautiful Japanese artworks such as cherry blossoms, geisha's, Japanese bowls through clay, koi fish, Mt Fuji, origami cranes, fans and lanterns. The students loved learning about Japan and would like to visit Japan one day!!

On Multicultural Day, 1/2 Dodson wanted everyone at Carramar Public School to do origami as part of a Japanese activity. All the students loved doing origami as they learnt how to fold different things using craft paper. 1/2 Dodson hopes everyone enjoyed coming into their class!!

Books light up our world!

During book week, parents were asked to read a story in their own language. Students from 1/2 Dodson had the opportunity to listen and learn different languages such as Romanian, Vietnamese and Arabic. The students loved listening and learning new languages as they were able to compare the differences and similarities to English.

The student's from 1/2 Dodson would like to thank all the parents who volunteered to read with the children and hope they will read to us again next year!!