Chauntelle Lowe

NVVA 2nd Grade Teacher

About me

A little educational/professional background information about me: I am a second grade teacher at Nevada Virtual Academy. I am in my third year of teaching, of which I have spent the entire time in the second grade and I am absolutely loving it! I spent my first year teaching in a brick and mortar classroom before making the switch to virtual education. I earned my BA from UNLV (go Rebs!) and am currently dabbling in master's courses, however I am not enrolled in a full time program at the moment.

A bit of personal information: My husband and I have been married for 3 years and are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in just a few short weeks (April 5th!). We are extremely excited and have been spending entirely way too much time getting her nursery ready. In my free time I love to read, organize everything, go on hikes, run and photograph weddings.


After completing this course, receiving my TESOL endorsement will be the largest accomplishment in my career thus far. I feel that along with the fact that I will be having my first child during this course and learning how to be a mom while completing this course will make it an even bigger accomplishment for me.

My Unique Quality

Having had the opportunity as an adult to be a Second Language Learner in a different country for a year and a half, I feel that I can sympathize and understand what my ELL students are feeling and going through. In the brick and mortar classroom my experiences helped me to relate not only to my ELL students but also to their parents.