Wit and Wisdom

Updates for Grades 3-5

Our Implementation

Thank you for your feedback, and a special thank you to Christine Gehringer for developing resources and supports to assist us with making the implementation of in Sync more manageable. This was a task she graciously accepted, and she is applauded for taking the time to research our options and listen to our staff. After a lengthy discussion with representatives from Great Minds today, we opted to alter our district's approach from their recommended implementation plan to one where we can truly be in Sync. In other words, we would like to transition to a model where students have the same daily learning objectives and are following the same daily plan regardless of cohort, just as we did in Module 0. We realize that many of you will welcome this news, and we appreciate those who followed the company's recommendations and process. This alteration may create new challenges, but we plan to work diligently with our PLCs to support these changes. Our goal is to have all students within the grade-level on the same schedule by Monday, November 9. In order to support the live lessons delivered by the BSI and Enrichment teachers, please work closely with your colleagues to coordinate your pacing. Therefore, you can begin transitioning to this revised model when you are ready and in the manner that is appropriate for your students.
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Students Assignments

Student Submission of Assignments functionality is now available for Great Minds in Sync™. Through digital.greatminds.org, students can now submit their completed assignment files (including documents, images, and PDFs) back to their teachers with an easy-to-use upload tool. Teachers are also now able to create assignments for individual and/or selected students. This is in addition to the the previously released entire class functionality. This new feature is available for assignments created today moving forward – assignments you have already created will not have this feature available.

Here's a look at the submission flow for both the teachers and the students – a great 3 minute video. Feel free to use this to explore this new feature. Even though the video uses Eureka Math, it is the same flow for Wit & Wisdom.

Click: https://www.loom.com/share/27138e4bffcb4920af2a62cba7045000