The Arab Spring: Egypt

Another revolution

History of the Protests

The protests began January 25 2011, inspired by the Tunisian revolution. But in Egypt people were protesting government corruption instead of economic injustice. After the police responded with violence for 18 days the Egyption president was overthrown.

Today in Egypt

Now Egypt, is not dealing with many protests. They are focused on their debt, and controversy about the nation. The current leader is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and elections are held every 4 years. Currently, having the 5th anniversary of the Arab Spring protests just passed, Egypt is warning its citizens about further protest.


As far as the world goes, the Middle East supported the way the contry was before democracy, and big world wide companies, especially those in travel, supported the protests for freedom. Where the US is concerned, when the Egyptian government started fighting the protesters the US saw that as an attack on democracy and stopped helping the government financially.

Is it a revolution?

Yes, people fought for change and got it. They faced a corrupt government and managed to overthrow it, and establish democracy.