Divisibility Rules

Sayona and Shreya

What is Divisibility?

Divisibility is when you can divide 2 numbers without a remainder!

Divide by 2?

When you have an even number as in 6 or 8, you can divide it by two. If you have a greater number like 54 or 86, you look for the number in the ones place and if it is even, you can divide it by 2!!

You can divide by 3?

If you have a number where the sum of the digits add upto a multiple of three, then the number is divisible by 3!!! An example would be 243. Add 2+4+3= 9 and 9 is a multiple of three and so 243 is divisible by 9.

What about 4?

If the last two digits in the number is divisible by four also like a multiple of four, then the number is divisible by 4! For example: 2340 is divisible by four because 40 is a multiple of four.

5 is easy, but how do you do it again?

Easy like you said, any number ending in a five or a zero, is divisible by five. Like 15 because it ends in 5!

Where's 6?

Right here! To divide by six evenly, you need the number to be divisible by 2 or 3

You got 9?

I certainly do! It's just like three you see. You add the digits and the sum has to be divisible by nine for the number to be divisible by 9!! For example 4+3+7+8+5= 27!

Isn't 10 easy?

Sure it is. Any number with a zero at the end is divisible by 10!! Like 20,000 is divisible by 10 because 10 goes in 20,000 2000 times.