The Problems and Culture of it's People



Desertification is the most severe in areas of Africa such as the Horn of africa and the Sahel. The land is drying up and can no longer be used for anything because farmers are over farming it and climate conditions do not help.


Overpopulation is a huge problem in Sub-Saharan Africa because the infant death rate has declined and the fertility rate has increased.
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The apartheid of South Africa was a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced by The National Party. This happened because of when the National Party came to power, their all-white government took over.
The Apartheid in South Africa


There were/are two genocides. One was located in Rwanda and more than 500,000 Tutsi people were mass murdered. The other genocide is happening today in Sudan and is of the Darfuris People. This genocide is happening because the Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement thought that the neighboring villages were going to attack them.

Civil Wars

Many Civil Wars are taking place in the Nations of Africa and some have ended. Some of the nations still in combat include Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda. This happened because of the French intervention in Mali and it may have saved other parts of Saharan west Africa from war.
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There are many diseases in Africa. Some of the major diseases are Ebola and HIV/AIDS in Western Africa, The Yellow Fever in Central Africa, and Sickle Cell and Syphilis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria, which is carried by mosquitoes, is common throughout all of Africa. These diseases are spreading quickly because of their high spreading rate and can get to more people more quickly.

How may a lack of education relate to the problems listed above?

A lack of education could relate to the problems listed above because without a proper education, many people could not be able to prevent many of the problems that are occurring throughout Africa. Like if no one has any knowledge of a specific disease, it is most likely to be spread easily and quickly. Also, some people do not know that the more you over farm the land, the faster it will dry up and lose its fertility. If people do not understand that many of the people only want peace with everyone, then they are more likely to feel threatened by the people because they have no prior knowledge of them. A lack of education can lead to the ruining of a nation or region.


Rites of Passage

The right of passage is typically a ceremonial event in which a person enters a new phase of life. Many rites of passage for people in Africa include The Rite of Birth, Rite of Adulthood, Rite of Marriage, Rite of Elderhood, and the Rite of Ancestorship. These rites of passage take place in many of Africa's tribes.


The term Swahili means a Bantu language used in several nations of the East Africa Region, or meaning of the people of Zanzibar and the nearby coastal regions, descended from the first Swahili. It could also relate to the Swahili People, Swahili Language, Swahili Culture, or the Swahili region. The Swahili region is located around the African Great Lakes Region.
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Polygamy is the practice or custom of a person having more than one spouse at a time. polygamy was once very popular in certain parts of Africa such as the western portion of Africa, and the region is called the "Polygamy Belt".
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Bantu- language

Bantu is the major branch of the Niger-Congo region and is spoken by most people of Africa. there are over 650 Bantu languages.