Minion's Sharp Kite

See the awesomeness in your eyes.

My Kite Blueprint>>

Well you must be asking me...What does your kite look like?...Did you make it?...Does it fly?... Well...It has a wolf in a dark night with fireflies. Yes; I made it on paint. It has black with red outline. Yes; it flies. Its a real, handmade kite made by me.

Every day on May 15th.

See thousands of kites aloft at Tapp Middle School on Quad-D-Day to have drinks, snacks, and many more!! Please visit us or bring your own kite to Quad-D-Day and...FLY!!

One of my favorites:

Guaranteed to be the greatest day ever at school.

Frequently Asked Questions...

"People ask...Why is Kite day so important? Well ill tell you. It is to help the 6th graders get better at measurement, calculations, and creativity. We will also need a little kick in our day. We also want to have great imagination and spirit of Tapp Tigers!