Bodies of Water

By: Callie Thompson


Oceans are all over the world, in facts water covers about 71 percent of Earth. Did you know that Oceans are actually flowing because waves move so it makes it flowing. Oceans have salt water, so if you have ever been to the ocean and got a little bit of water in your mouth, then you would notice that it doesn't taste like the water we drink. Did you know that oceans are the largest bodies of water. Do you know the order of oceans from biggest to smallest.

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Arctic Ocean


Did you know that if water is surrounded by land, then they are stationary, witch means lakes are stationary. Closed lakes don't loses water unless they evaporate. Did you know that most lakes have fresh water, but some are salty. Did you know that the water that you drink comes from the lake, some plants also live in the lake.


Did you know that the end of a river is called a mouth. Rivers are flowing, they are flowing because they flow into oceans. They also have salty water, so I wouldn't drink it. River also begin in mountains, they can also overflow their banks and flood. Rivers are also very important to transportation. Did you know that the Nile river is the longest river.


Did you know that glaciers sculpt mountains. They are made of ice,so they can also be very dangerous. Although they are flowing and they have fresh water. Did you know that they cover 32 percent of land, and they store 75 percent of the worlds fresh water.