For November and December

Patron Assistance

Printing Documents from Schoology and Google--We are still assisting students who are unaware of not being able to print without downloading from these two resources. Even though emails were sent and this information was posted in a number of places, students are still attempting to print in this regard.

Locating Resources--The LMC Staff located a number of resources for teachers to support the curriculum being taught in a number of disciplines. These resources were located through our databases in the deep web along with general searches through the Internet as well as print resources available in the LMC.

Online Catalog/Follett Destiny--Staff not familiar with the online catalog for both the district as well as the public library were shown the capabilities of both resources. Staff were shown both the availability of both our print resources, the online databases as well as the ebooks available from both home and school.

Additionally, staff were shown the availability of ebooks through the public library and accessed with the aid of Overdrive.

Research Citations--Staff offered students one-on-one instruction on the formation of the works cited and bibliographies. Purdue's Online Writing Lab as well as other resources were provided to illustrate examples for creating these lists.

Staff Laptops--Laptops are utilized most days by staff during both study halls and planning periods.

Login Issues--We continue to assist students who have issues with logging into the system as well as the tools teachers use in their classrooms.

Google--We assisted staff with creating folders and managing content in Google. Additionally, we went over revisions within documents and the usefulness of content manipulation with Google documents.

Locating Sign Up Calendars--We continue to assist staff members with signing up for the Chromebook carts in The Corral as well as assisting them with signing up for the conference room.

Classroom Visits/LMC Use

Student Visits--Students continue to visit during the day from classrooms all over the building for a variety of purposes. Printing materials, tech trouble shooting, locating print resources, not taking tests that day, and picking up materials for teachers are some of the reasons for visits.

Tutoring--Teachers utilize the quieter blocks for working with students during the day.

Mr. Henderson's Video Classes--Students visit the LMC conference room several times during the week to utilize the space for recording videos.

Social Studies--Mrs. Walter's AP classes visited the LMC for a few blocks to utilize the print resources as well as our databases. The Chromebooks and instructional space were provided during her visits.

Work Space--Teachers continue to utilize the space in the library to plan and grade during the day as office and classroom space is very limited.

Art Classes--Mrs. Spadaro's classes utilized the two displays at the front of the LMC to display some of their fine artwork.

Mrs. Beatty utilized the conference room for a number of college visits with a number of students during the academic day on several occasions.

I visited Mrs. McCabe's classes and brought attention to our Gale database and Opposing Viewpoints. We also discussed the practical application of note taking and examined the difference between quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing.

LMC Issues

Google Fix--On the third of December, IT decided to address an issue with Google without letting anyone at the high school, including Karen Soriano, know that they were going to shut it down. Obviously this was a major problem for both our staff and students as a great deal of the work completed is done through Google.

I relayed this issue to both Doug Walker (who stopped by during lunch) as well Karen and Danielle Romero.

In the future it would be greatly appreciated if IT could communicate with us if maintenance will be completed when services are not going to provided.

Overcrowding Prior to School and During Lunch--The number of students visiting with us during lunch has changed the use and dynamic of the LMC during these times. A number of staff visiting during these times have commented on the how loud the library is and on the new way that the space is being utilized. In examining the Occupancy Load for this space, a cautious observation of the number of students visiting during these times may exceed 175, the number provided by the Fire Bureau along with the tables and the chairs filling the space in the LMC.

In addition to the large numbers of students during this time, the refuse left behind, particularly after lunch, is very noticeable.

Leaky Skylights--With some of the most recent storms, the leaks in the skylights continue to be apparent by both the water cascading from the skylight during the storm as well as the blackish brown stain on the floor beneath the window where the water enters. This moldy circle continues to darken with each additional storm.

Paul Cress has put in a number of maintenance tickets to deal with the issue.

Key for the Conference Room--If students or staff need to utilize the resources available in the conference room, LMC Staff are unable to open the room as we do not have a key to gain entrance.

Students Keying In/Student Location--Students not punching in as they move around the building continues to be an issue. Since there is no warning or screen reaction in Genesis if students move from location to another without punching out, most students do not feel the need to punch out when leaving the LMC.

New Additions to the LMC

Here are our most recent acquisitions to the LMC...


We had 432 books circulated from October 1 until December 11, 2014.

Student Number Visits for the LMC and Study Halls

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