Data Analysis Developer

Looking for a data analyst with good programming skills

Join JoyTunes' elite team in disrupting the music education world

JoyTunes is an intimate start-up, disrupting music education by creating kick-ass web and mobile tools. We're growing, big time - over 1 million songs are played in our apps every week and thousands of music teachers are using our solutions on a daily basis.
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We are looking for a brilliant Data Analysis Developer to lead all BI aspects in the company - master all the stats we are collecting, understand our users, measure the impact of our efforts and propagate this knowledge forward to the entire company - empowering the entire team to better achieve its goals.

Job also requires solid hands-on technical know how - namely decent programming skills in some scripting language, preferably python, and mastering SQL of course.

What you MUST have?

  • Excellent team player - you'll be in a key position serving all the team in defining, extracting and reporting relevant data. You MUST be a person that people trust, professionally and personally, and enjoy working with.

  • High technical and programming skills - to do your job you'll need to write complicated python code, interface with numerous external APIs and perform elaborate SQL queries.

  • High analytics skills - you thrive on numbers, you have a solid understanding in statistics - but moreover - you know how to communicate this forward to other, less technical, people in a coherent way.

Have all three?

Congrats, you just might be the rare combination we're looking for with this unique position. Shoot us and email at - and let's take it from there