Sir Arthur Currie

By: Khalid Dahir


Sir Arthur Currie was in the Canadian military during World War 1. In September 1915, he rose to command the first Canadian division and the Canadian Corps. Arthur Currie led the Canadian Corps to win important battles.

Battle of Vimy Ridge

In 1917, three years since the beginning of World War 2, Sir Arthur Currie's responsibility was to command the 1st Canadian Division. With careful planning, strong leadership, co-operation and courage, he managed devise a well-thought out plan that would lead to the winning of a battle that would go down in history. He pushed his troops to the absolute limit as they underwent rigorous training and prepared themselves using well constructed life-size courses with every trench taped and marked with a flag. He scrutinized and thoughtfully planned every single little detail of the battle plan. Currie designed and drew extremely accurate maps of enemy territory and went as far as to have a small-scale plasticine model of the battle field and terrain built to be studied by his soilders

Currie has created a golden plan and has made an infinite amount of preparations in order to win the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Currie cared for his men very much, his plans were designed to achieve the lowest casualties possible. This sense of concern for his troops that Currie had, was not present within most generals. Currie stated that every single man knew exactly where he was going in the attack and what he would be doing when he gets there. The German defense was studied and and conclusive plans were made to overcome each obstacle that his team faced. Currie's prepared troops for Vimy Ridge battle caused a fantastic victory at Vimy Ridge. This great Canadian victory was granted because of Arthur Currie's leadership skills.

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"Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing."- Sir Arthur Currie

Sir Arthur Currie's Leadership Lessons

Sir Arthur Currie proved three of Nelson Mandela's 8 lessons of leadership to be effective:

Know your enemy: This means to understand the opponent so you can be one step further than them by countering them and such. like sports which require a lot of strategy in order to out due your opponent. Sir Arthur Currie did that, during all his battles but most obviously during the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Appearances matter: Nobody can see what is inside, people can only assume your appearance reflects your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it is an effective strategy to use against an enemy such as a fake smile. As well as people who want a leader who can calmly analyse situations and shows courage and bravery at all times, including in times of need. Sir Arthur Currie, was an example of that ideal leader

Lead from the back: push people forward. A good leader will be able to make other people believe that they are important and respected. A good leader knows what it takes to make other people feel good about themselves and what they're doing, hence the great outcome. This was proven by Sir Arthur Currie who gave his troops a sense of purpose of the battle while pushing them ahead towards the common goal which was to win the battle.

Sir Arthur Currie's Death

Sir Arthur Currie passed away on November 30, 1933 on the age of 57. He will always be remembered as a General that asserted Canada to be the strong yet passionate country it is.
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