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"Children learn more from what you ARE than what you teach"

Partner Reading

We read all about severe storms last week: hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and hailstorms. We ended the week with reading the story again in partners as well as joining Mr. Steffes' class in the afternoon watching The Magic School Bus--kicking up a storm.
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Last week we wrapped up the unit with story problems/ addition and subtraction problems. This week we will be starting some times tests---just to make sure we have our basic addition & subtraction down :)

Also, we are starting our geometry unit this week. Throughout this unit the kids will develop ideas about 2-dimensional and 3-dimensions shapes and their characteristics and attributes. A major idea of this geometry unit is that shapes can be combined or decomposed to make other shapes. When solving numerical problems, students compose and decompose numbed to make them more manageable. In the same light, solving geometric portables often involve understanding how to pull shapes apart and put them together so they can be viewed in new ways. The hope is that when 2nd graders can see how a regular hexagon can be constructed from six equilateral triangle, they are developing a foundation that will help them understand the properties of a hexagon's angles, sides, and area.

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Getting the Most out of Non Fiction Reading Time

I'm back to one of my favorite reading sites that I shared with you earlier this school year...Reading Rockets! Non Fiction is a BIG part of the Common Core standards. By 5th and 6th grade, more than 80% of testing and every day school work will be working with Non Fiction texts. NonFiction books present many opportunities to learn new concepts and vocabulary, as well as broaden a child's view of the world! --but it is a different way of reading, taking in text features, as well as retaining the information that is most purposeful. Our animal reports was a wonderful introduction of how to use these books---and so many students lit up thumbing through their books!

The button below is for your own leisure. Gives good little pointers of how you can get the most out of Non Fiction Reading time at home!

A Peek at This Week!

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This week we will be working with Folktale stories. We will work on understanding characters and how folktales gives readers a lesson to be learned. We will continue this into our short week next week (Can you believe it is Thanksgiving next week!) when we work with folktale readers' theatre.

** Spelling---if your child only gets 1 or 2 wrong on Spelling Pre-Tests, look for a different spelling list in their BEE Binder. These words will still follow the spelling rule of the week, but be a little more challenging.


Monday: Day 3~ Music/PE

Tuesday: Day 4- Art

Wednesday Day 1~ Music/PE

Thursday Day 2~ Library/Friends

Friday Day 3~ Music/ PE

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Happy Thanksgiving!