Whitehall Wonders

May and June 2023


We celebrate all of our teachers at Whitehall Elementary School! Our teachers are working tirelessly to ensure our World Changers receive the best education. They not only meet academic needs but also the social and emotional needs for our World Changers! WE APPRECIATE them for bringing their passion, dedication, and relentless efforts to our World Changers everyday! THANK YOU, TEACHERS!

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai.

SC-Ready Testing for 3rd-5th Grader

Letters for 3rd -5th Grade Students


Wouldn't it be great to receive a letter from someone your child loves right before the big test? YES! We would love for you to write a letter to your child to encourage and let them know you believe in them! Fold or place the letter in an enclosed envelope for your child's teacher because this will be a surpise. On their first day of testing, they will receive and read the letter before they begin. This will be powerful for our World Changers!

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"The task of a nurse is the fundamental act of humanity. Not everyone is willing to do it, but if you have the ability to care for another person, it’s the most honorable thing you can do with your life."~Anonymous

Thank you, Nurse Brezeale! We appreciate your dedication of taking care of students and staff each day. Thank you for all that you do!

Field Day

Class Parties for K4-4th Grade

Class parties will take place on Tuesday, May 30 at 1:30 in the classroom.

Early Dismissal Days

Early Dismissal Days

Students will be dismissed at 11:00 on May 31 and June 1.

Upcoming Dates

May 1-5-Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1-Send in letters for 3rd-5th grade students

May 1-Progress Report

May 4-3rd SC-Ready-ELA Day 1

May 5-3rd SC-Ready- ELA Day 2

May 8- Ice Cream Day

May 10-Nurse's Day

May 10-4th-5th SC Ready-ELA Day 1

May 11-4th-5th SC Ready-ELA Day 2

May 15- Ice Cream Day

May 17-3rd-5th Grade SC Ready- Math

May 17- PTO Board Meeting-3:00

May 18-4th SC Ready-Science

May 19- Library Books due

May19-Scaly Adventures In House Field Trip (only students and staff attend)

May 22-K5-1st Grade-Field Day (Rain or Shine)

May 23-2nd-3rd Grade- Field Day (Rain or Shine)

May 24-K5 Water Day (only students and staff attend)

May 24- 4th-5th Grade- Field Day (Rain or Shine)

May 25-Awards Day K5-4th Grade

May 26-5th Grade Celebration-9:00

May 26-K4 Awards Day-9:30

May 26-Writer's Guild-10:00

May 29-No School for Students

May 30-Class parties-1:30

May 31-Dismissal 11:00 - Students will receive breakfast and lunch at school

June 1- Dismissal 11:00 - Students will receive breakfast and lunch at school

June 1-Last Day of School