Never Shake a Baby!!

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)

What is SBS?

Is the name given to physical child abuse that can occur when a young child is severely or violently shaken. The shaking may only last a few seconds, but the effects last a lifetime. Being shaken may seem harmless to someone our age but since babies especially new borns have weak neck muslces and minimal controlof their head the effects can be fatal.

Triggers of the Shaking

The number one trigger is inconsolable crying. The perpetrators normally have little or no knowledge on how to safely care for a crying infant or young child. The caregiver becomes frustrated and loses control and violently shakes the child to get him/her to stop crying. They just want the baby to stop crying!


Why are Babies Vulnerable to Shaking?

  • -Babies normally cry for two to three hours a day.
  • -Some cry for longer periods for unknown reasons.
  • -Babies communicate by crying.
  • Some Effects

  • -Severe brain damage
  • -Learning disabilities
  • -Blindness
  • -Paralysis
  • -Hearing loss
  • -Speech problems
  • -Death
  • PSA Shaken Baby Syndrome