Careers in Science Veterinarian

By: Ben Boettcher Hour 3

Basic Information

  1. Takes care of animals
  2. Informs guardian about their pets health
  3. Protect animal health
  4. Perform surgery on animals
  5. Conditions will vary
  6. Salary is anywhere between $53,410-$147,550
  7. Works with a variety of animals
  8. Rehabs animals
  9. Needs to be outgoing
  10. Can't be queasy


Veterinarian - Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • Works with animals
  • Make new friends
  • See all kinds of animals

  • Cons:
  • The hours
  • Having to do surgery
  • Putting down an animal

What you need to Succeed?

High school courses include math, science, English, and social studies, Animal Science, Chemistry, Public Speaking, and Statistics and Probability. Veterinarians must graduate from an accredited veterinary school and pass a licensing examination in the state where they want to practice. Must receive a Doctors of Veterinary Medicine certificate.

Professional Organization

Name - AAHA

Address (Green Bay Location) - 123 N Military Ave. Green Bay, WI 54313

Web Address -

Phone Number - (303) 986-2800


Veterinarian job opening at Parkside Animal Care Center!! Parkside Animal Care center is partnered with AAHA and we are looking for people who have Doctors of Veterinary Medicine certificate. Looking for people who are ages 26-50. Will have a work schedule, but will be on call 24/7. Wage will be $25.68 an hour, but will increase if you stay with us longer. Come to 123 N Military Ave. Green Bay, WI 54313 for an interview or call (920) 497-2086 to do an over the form interview or set up a time and a place to do an interview with one of our executives. Hope to see you on the team of AAHA!

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