El Alamein

By Blake and Garret

El Alamein

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It was located in El Alamein, Egypt in North America.
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Parties involved

The battle was between the Allies which consisted of mainly the British Empire, British India, Australia, New Zealand, and the Union of South Africa versus the axis powers of Germany and Italy. The Germans/Italians used 116,000 troops vs 195,000 British troops.

# of German/Italian Technology

They used 547 tanks, 192 armored cars, 770-900 aircraft, 552 artillery pieces, 496 anti-tank guns.
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# of British technology

1,029 tanks, 435 armored cars, 750 aircraft, 908 artillery pieces, 1,0451 anti-tank guns.


October 23-November 11, 1942.


The Germans suffered 36,939 deaths while Allied forces only lost 13,560 men.

Technology and Military

By this time in WWII, the advancement in technology enabled the Allied and Axis powers to be more offensively and defensively combat ready. Tanks improved in speed, armor, and firepower. Aircraft became more manuevbale and the plane radar system improved largely which aided in making this a more strategic and dangerous battle. Commanders and leaders of the German side included Erwin Rommel, Georg Stum, Ettore Basticle and important allied leaders included Bernard Montegomery and Harold Alexander.
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The Battle of El Alamein marked the culmination of WWII North African campaign between the British Empire and the German Italian army. The allied victory allowed us to travel north into Italy and retake parts of Europe. It is marked as a turning point in the war as it put a large dent into Germany's plans. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, " before Alamein we never won one, after Alamein we never lost one." That demonstrated the effect this battle had on the overall war.