Weekly Tech Update 3/29 to 4/1

WCSD 2021 March Madness EdTech Champion

It wasn't a nail-biter, Ed Puzzle was selected as the favorite Ed Tech Tool by those who participated in the vote. Here are the results: Ed Puzzle 50%, Parent Square 27.28%, and Google Slides 22.22%. There were 3 individuals who had Ed Puzzle as their Champion: Karen Meeker, Katrina Carbone, and Stacey Eger. After a spin on the random name picker, recorded on Loom and observed by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the WINNER is... Katrina Carbone! Congrats Katrina, I'll be around to give you your prize. View her winning bracket at left ⬅️ .

Play, Stop, Rewind, Play It Again

Have you ever had to YouTube something to figure out how to do something? I know I do it all the time! In fact, I did it last night to learn how to save the elements you see in my videos so I don’t have to recreate them every time. Where am I going with this? It got me thinking, what if we could provide our students with the same opportunities that we take advantage of? If our lessons (or at least the main instructional portion) were recorded, they would be able to stop, start, pause, or rewind the lesson to help them with the acquisition of the content. With EdPuzzle, this would be really easy to insert a check for understanding question into the video. Turn on ‘Prevent Skipping’ and assign it to your class in Google Classroom. The students could access the content for reference and progress through the video at their own speed! Check out the research and data from this article in the ViewSonic Library titled “The Benefits of Video in a Digital Classroom.”

🚨Special InstaStrategies This Wednesday🚨

What do you do when a month has 5 Wednesdays and you only have 4 topics that we’ve been focusing on? You hold a special InstaStrategy session to keep the momentum going!!!

This Wednesday’s theme will be a “Bring and Brag” session. We would like you to Bring and Brag your best or favorite Ed Tech strategy and share it with your colleagues. Some topics to consider, but certainly not limited to are student engagement, norms, and protocols, digital citizenship, formative assessments, content delivery, reading strategies, vocabulary, etc.

To join the meeting this Wednesday, click HERE for the 12 o'clock session or HERE for the 1 o'clock session, or email me and I will send you the Zoom link directly. If you would like, you can register for each session below, and I will email you the link on Wednesday so that you don't have to search very far for links. See registration buttons below.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are signed in with your district Zoom account or you will not be admitted from the waiting room. Sorry, I'd rather be safe than sorry!

No Bitmoji, No Problem! Welcome Pixton

People often inquire about alternative sites that function similarly to Bitmoji. If you are looking for an Ed Tech tool that is Ed Law 2D compliant, and students & staff can personalize their own caricature, then give Pixton a try. Pixton will allow you to customize your creation and export, share, or download the creation to your device.

Screencastify Users Have an Update

If you utilize Screencastify, you have an update coming for you. Not only will it be even easier to stop and start a recording, you now have the ability to add stickers, emojis, and shapes. Moving the toolbar just got a whole lot easier as well. Check out the update here or click on the picture to access the update in more detail.

New Entrants = Update Online Sites

It is always a good idea to update those online resources that we may connect to Google Classroom. For instance, GoGuardian, EdPuzzle, and Quizizz. If you have a new entrant (or have had a student leave) in your Google Classroom, watch the tutorial below to see how you can update your rosters.

Join The InstaStragies Google Classrom

Feel free to join the InstaStrategies classroom. All the resources shared during the InstaStragies are posted here.

🚨 Who Got Caught? 🚨

Has anyone noticed the new “I Caught” option on the Empower website? If you haven’t, head on over and check it out. The “I Caught…” form is courtesy of the Cyclone Learning Zone. I’m not going to spoil it, you’ll have to check it out. Here’s the link.


Put Agenda/Objectives in Zoom Background with Canva

Virtual Backgrounds with Canva Take 2

Update Sites Connected to Google Classroom

Update Online Resources

Tech Tool(s) of The WEEK

In search of a graphic design website to create graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content? Canva could be that site for you. Canva has pre-made templates that are fully customizable for a wide variety of projects. We all loved those Microsoft Publisher templates, right? Canva can help fill that void. See it in action with the Agenda Virtual Background tutorial above.

Here is a link to upgrade your account for free for all educators. All you will need is a copy of your teaching license or certification to upload. A screenshot of TEACH online will not work, I already tried that :) Canva for EDU is Ed Law 2D compliant.


WCSD Informational Technology Website

The Informational Technology(IT) department is establishing a ticketing system to streamline the process of tracking technology issues. The ticketing system can be found using this link. (https://sites.google.com/watertowncsd.org/informationtechnology/home). This should be a website that you bookmark in case you need to reach out to the IT department.
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Let's Talk Tech Integration

Below are the dates and times that I will be in the following buildings exclusively.
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I will make myself available in the following locations:

HT Wiley: Wiley IMC

Case Middle School: Room 210

WHS: Student Help Desk 1st Floor

Would you Mind Sharing?

It seems like it's been a year, but we made it through the first 6 months! I have been fortunate to witness colleagues finding their stride and using strategies and techniques that have helped with the start of this unprecedented school year. However, there are colleagues that could use some ideas on strategies and techniques that could help in their transition to this style of hybrid/remote learning. If you are willing to share, please click on the Google Form below so we can compile some strategies that have been effective for you. Just drop a quick note in the Google Form and I will be in touch. THANK YOU!!!

Feedback Welcomed and Encouraged

Jayson St.Croix

Please contact me so we can collaborate on how to integrate more technology into your lessons.

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