Uniforms,what a waste! They gross me out,and they should be burned!
Having, to buy uniforms and home clothes is simply too much money.You can only buy them in the beginning of the year,when you haven’t even grown out of your old ones! If you purchase the same size as last year your old ones have to hit an immense growth spurt. THEY’RE SIMPLY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!

Is it the 19th century? School uniforms are so ugly they make my brain scatter! Thanks to them,kids can’t express who they really are. Once they know not all kids have to wear uniforms they could feel different. The same modern and dull colors every day.

Uniforms are uncomfortable! Take what happened to me, for instance when I was in Kindergarten I was the last one to know my ABC'S. Thanks to uniforms,ghghghgh. Wait,wait,wait the only reason for that is,I always had to scratch something!

After I used uniforms my parents didn’t have much money. Like,who would even want those things?Also I still say my ABC’S slowly! Perhaps i’ll call DR. Therman right now,and say” Uniforms are a disgrace! BYE!”