Japanese Anime

By Zoe

About Anime

In Japan there are a lot of great things like Anime!. Anime have a wide range of different types of Anime going from fighting to si-fi

if you're wondering what Anime is its most people say that Anime cartoons.

Anime was made in 1917 and since there have been hundreds of Anime's

here are the top 11 Anime's with the most episodes

1 Sazue-San with 6345 episodes

2 Doreamon with 1375 episodes

3 Anpanman with 1000 episodes

4 chibi-maruko with 899 episodes

5 Crayon-shin-chan with 700 episodes

6 Pokemon all series with 681 episodes

7 Case-close with 591 episodes

8 One piece with 482 episodes

9 Naruto all series with 418 episodes still going

10 Sgt.frog with 329 episodes

11 Bleach with 314 episodes

Anime Expos

Do you know there are expos for Anime here are some examples

Comic Con has cosplay, toys, comps and more

Super Nova has all ready been this year and it was great it has toys, games Activates cospaly, comps and more to

Armageddon is on the 12 of October to the 14 it has si-fi, cosply, games and more

Thank you for reading my report bye from zoe