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24 Colombian Mammoth Fossils Had Been Have Found

At the Waco Mammoth National Park 24 Colombian Mammoth fossils have been found. Researchers think that the Mammoths either died by a mudslide or they died trying to protect their young. The park employees are keeping the fossils safe there. The fossils were found around the park and their might even be more fossils around the park.

They built a structure around the fossils so they can be protected. The Colombian Mammoths were common in Texas because they liked warm weather. They were taller and heavier then any other animals living around them. They also used their tusks to fight off predators.

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How the Extinction of Mammoths Effected the Ecosystem

The extinction of Mammoths effected the ecosystem badly. When the mammoths went extinct the grasslands went back to forests because they knocked over trees. So now its going to be harder for herbivores to eat. Sometimes the mammoths used to die and carnivores could eat their meat.

Mammoths used to kill some animals that were a threat to other animals. The mammoths knocked down trees so it would be easier for them to eat grass. The mammoths killed other animals only if they were trying to hurt their young or kill them. The mammoths extinction was a really big deal.

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Religious Reactions to a discovery that isn't in their origin stories

The religion would probably not believe the discovery. They would keep believing that the discovery is still in their origin story. They would not believe anything else except their origin story.
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Scale Drawing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is my scale drawing of a tyrannosaurus rex.