Private Label QC and Care Debrief

Meet n' Greet

  • Angel Yimin, an Indiana University of Pennsylvania grad began her career with ModCloth in May of 2012. She has been working with Private Label for the better part of six months and is proud to admit its a "great passion" of hers. With her Fashion Merchandising Major (and Marketing Minor) she has been able to forge her path in the fashion industry here in Pittsburgh as a Wardrobe Stylist all while currently planning her upcoming wedding.

  • Laurel Custer, Vendor Relations Specialist, began working at ModCloth in May of 2012. She has an energetic daughter named Zoe, a cat named Gomez and an awesome boyfriend named Doug. When she's not plugging away with vendor problems here at ModCloth, She's running a Girl Scout troop, planning activities for a youth camp, chilling at home with her family and traveling.

  • Emily Seibel, Care ModStylist Lead began her Mod-Journey in October of 2010 as a Customer Care Advocate. With a love of our products, She grew a team of Product Knowledge Specialists and has loved every minute of it. Outside of ModCloth, She enjoys cooking and baking, antiquing and has a strong affinity for anything British.

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Fit and Quality Control Update:

Fit common issues:
  • Approved specs not matching up with size chart: MYRSP1301045
  • Running large or small at bust/waist.FERSP1301060,FERSP1301084
  • Shoulder straps too long/short: FERSP1301060 and GEOSP1301008

Quality common issues:

  • Lining hanging past hem: GEOSP1301011, M3502
  • Poor condition of items upon arrival:wet with no silicone packs, wrinkled out of bag appearance Basics (Six Cranes vendor). FERSP1301056- Black stains throughout.
  • Poor construction, gaping at the bust, visible interfacing under material. FERSP1301047
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Customer Care Update:

Commonly heard PL feedback:

  • Sizing off
  • Proportions off (waists sit too high)
  • Zippers are bad
  • Poor fabric for cost of item
  • Unlined
  • Craftsmanship off
  • Chemical smells
  • Sizes not plentiful


  • Fun fabrics
  • Great quality
  • Good lengths
  • Decent prices
  • Appreciates pockets

Shining feedback:

  • A review posted by Gael, says " Please ModCloth , arrange to have ALL your novelty print dressed manufactured by Fervour"