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#WEARERH January 4, 2022 #WEARERH

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News and Notes from the Principal

With a much needed and well deserved Holiday Break behind us, we are looking forward to ALL that the second semester of the 2021-2022 SY has to offer. While the second semester will certainly provide a number of opportunities for engagement and active involvement in school happenings, I wanted to take this moment to revisit expectations and provide resources to both our students and parents reading this newsletter:

  1. E-Cigarettes, Vaping, THC Pens, Etc. - With an ever-changing society, it seems as if tobacco companies, popular social trends and less than stellar influences have sensationalized the use of the abovementioned products. At RHHS there is a zero-tolerance policy for such paraphernalia/products and will be dealt with accordingly as to not increase usage or popularity amongst our most-prized possessions our students. Please see the resource linked here from the CDC for more information on this epidemic that continues to sweep the globe amongst teens and young adults.
  2. Appropriate Dress (See Above) - Times changes, popular styles shift amongst teens; but ultimately dressing for success has an impact not only on students feeling well prepared for school but also being presentable amongst peers in a school setting while meeting the expectations outlined in the BCS handbook. Students unable to meet the expectations will be handled accordingly with appropriate discipline consequence as to not impact the learning/teaching happening within the walls of RHHS by those unable to meet the standard.
  3. Timely Arrival - Being on time is an Expectation - Now and Forevermore! Set your alarm and get to class before the 7:30 bell rings. In addition, transitioning throughout the halls and making it to class on time shouldn't be a major hurdle or accomplishment. Late arrival results in loss of seat time which ultimately impact teacher instruction and student achievement.
  4. Extracurricular Involvement - Is your student involved either extracurriculars at RHHS? If not, why not? Research has shown that students that are actively engaged in school outside of the day-to-day educational expectations make better choices, make better grades and exhibit a greater sense of school pride all the while doing something they enjoy. We have an extracurricular option to meet the interests of ALL and if we don't reach out to me directly about the opportunity to get something like that started! Click Here to Learn more about our offerings!

We look forward to welcoming all of our Wildcats back to RHHS on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

See Ya, Love Ya, Bye!


Important Upcoming Dates

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RHHS will host an “Academics and Pathways Open House” for students to explore all of the academics and pathway opportunities that RHHS has to offer. Students and parents will be able to learn about different programs related to CTAE, Fine Arts, JROTC, Foreign Language, and Advanced Placement (AP). Teachers will have information for the students about the various courses available for 9th grade students during the 2022-23 school year.

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The time has come: We are officially accepting entries for the first ever Battle of the Wildcats! Students can pick up an entry packet from Mrs. Harper in classroom 302. You can also email Mrs. Harper at mharper@bryan.k12.ga.us with questions.
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Attendance Reminder

  • Attendance: As it relates to attendance and expectations regarding the check out process, please exercise the following should your child need to leave early: send in a signed note and have your student drop it by the attendance office in the morning. Phone calls, emails and faxes are not accepted. Please be sure to include a good contact number for verification. Once verified, the student will be given a class dismissal note, and sign themselves out.

Athletic Ticketing - Go Fan

Richmond Hill High School and Richmond Hill Athletics are excited to announce the use of Go Fan for our sporting events. Go Fan allows all event spectators to purchase tickets prior to events, or at the gate through your mobile device, avoid long lines, and limit person to person contact. Click here if you are interested in purchasing tickets for upcoming games/events for the 21-22 Athletic Seasons. Please see the attached flyer for more information, with more to come, as we get ready for our 2021-2022 athletic season. Go Wildcats!!

Optim Sports Medicine Supports RHHS

Thank you to Optim Sports Medicine for supporting Richmond Hill High School and Richmond Hill High School Athletics!
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Parking Permits

All students parking on campus, including dual enrolled students must have a parking permit. Parking permits should be displayed by the first day of school, August 3, 2021.

"Click Here" to access the student parking permit information and application for 21-22SY.

Regular Sale Permits: $65.00

Qualifications to Purchase a Parking Permit during the Regular time periods:

  • Not on Obligations List
  • Passing or passed at least 75% of classes


RHHS has a strong team of school counselors to support our students. Students are assigned a counselor based on their last name.

Rhashida Bunyan
A- Davidson

Emily Neff

Tam Daniels
Hook – Medsker

Debbie Kilpatrick

Meeks- R

Amber Miles


Deanna Appleton
Dual Enrollment

Kelly Michaud


Military and Family Life Counselor

RHHS Essential Information

School times

7:30am-2:30pm/Buildings open at 7am

Office Hours


Certificates of Enrollment

Click Here for Certificate of Enrollment Information

Car-rider/parent drop-off information


Bus rider information- Bryan County Transportation Services

School nutrition information-

Breakfast and Lunch are both "Free" for students for the 21-22 SY

MySchoolBucks - Online Payment Portal

Questions regarding remaining lunch balances should be directed to Carole Knight (School Nutrition Director) cknight@bryan.k12.ga.us/912-459-5121

Nurse/Clinic information-

Nurses: Taryn Parker (tparker@bryan.k12.ga.us) and Denell Foster (dfoster@bryan.k12.ga.us)

If you should need to discuss health information at length, please call to schedule a meeting. All clinic forms are available on the high school website. Inhalers and epi pens that are carried by the student must have forms completed by their physician.

Clinic form - http://www.bryancountyschools.org/o/rhhs/browse/17573

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