Scientific Revolution

Selena S ^-^ 5th Period

What was the change ?

The scientific revolution was a change in the way people thought of the physical world. Many scientist came along during this time and started discovering new ideas about our world for example instead of believing in the geocentric theory developed by the church, scientist such as Nicolaus Copernicus & Johannes Kepler went and discovered a whole new idea called the heliocentric model . In fact in this revolution many more scientist rebeled against the church and came up with new inventions and dicoveries.The anger of the church was just a start of the revolution.

Who were the people associated with this change ?

The Church - Believed in Geocentric Model a theory were the Earth is the center of the earth

Nicolaus Copernicus - discovered the Heliocentric model

Johannes Kepler - proved Nicolaus model was correct

Galileo Galiei - studied sunspots, moon's surface and Jupiter's moons

Issac Newton - discovered gravity

How did change impact society at that time ?

In that period of time people couldn't really do anything because it could go against the church. That soon changed once scientist started coming up with ideas.Many religious leaders were angered by this because they were not following the church instead discovering things on thier own.This changed societys point of view and felt the church shouldn't be involved with peoples idea so people became more rebelious and started inventing.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society ?

In todays modern society the church and science have there own seperate beliefs and many scientist today are free to dicover things about our world without the church stopping them. It not only has to do with science but many ideas as well regardless of the churches concern.