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December 2018--#mindfulAISD

Mindfulness Resources Featured in This Newsletter...

  • Mindfulness for Staff -- Yoga w/ Adriene YouTube Channel
  • Professional Learning -- Spring HCP Update
  • For Families -- 25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children & Teens
  • Equity -- In A Racially Unjust World, What Good Is Mindfulness?
  • Books of the Month -- 3 New Books
  • Technology -- Apple Screen Time Controls
  • Athletics -- Calm Masterclass w/ former NBA Star Jason Kidd
  • SEL Newsletter & Blog -- Serving Others
  • Mindful Happenings in AISD -- Highlights

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Mindfulness For Staff -- "Yoga w/ Adriene" YouTube

Mindfulness in schools starts with the adults. Here's some goodness for y'all. :)

I invite you to check out Austin's own YouTube superstar yoga teacher, Yoga w/ Adriene. She has a bunch of great videos that focus on specific topics, including my favorite "yoga for teachers." This could be a solid way to get through the end of the semester, and to 'treat yo'self' over the break.

Also, remember this for now AND over the break: Meditation Bar is now offering 50% off all classes for AISD staff as an ongoing discount!

Mindfulness Professional Learning through HCP

UPDATE: All of our Fall courses have been completed! Thanks to all who attended. We'll have similar courses in the Spring, with a few modifications. Spring semester courses will be finalized and shared soon. They will start in February and be mostly on Thursdays, possibly a couple on Tuesdays.

Mindfulness for Families -- 25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children & Teens

This article compiles 25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for children and teens. Feel free to share this article and/or the whole newsletter with your students' families.

As a reminder, you can always find family resources on bit.ly/mindfulfams.

Mindfulness & Equity -- In A Racially Unjust World, What Good Is Mindfulness?

Last year, I had the honor of participating in the Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness Cohort 3 led by Angela Ward, and it provided tremendous opportunities for learning and growth. My end of year project was based on the question posed by Dr. Angela Davis: "In a racially unjust world, what good is mindfulness?" I created an ongoing site where I'll share my learnings and experiences. Feel free to check it out: Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness Action Research Project

Mindfulness Books of the Month

Mindful Technology -- Apple Screen Time Controls

From Tech Tuesday blog: "Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 12’s new Screen Time, is the feature parents have been waiting for. With it, we have a new tool to help prevent excessive screen time for our youth, as well as ourselves. The tool lets us limit overall time and allow you to limit the time on specific apps. It also does the same for websites and video games."

Mindfulness & Athletics -- Calm Masterclass w/ former NBA Star Jason Kidd

Calm just released an exciting new Masterclass (I highly recommend their Masterclasses if you haven't checked them out yet). They are all free with that educator subscription. This new one is perfect for student-athletes: Calm Masterclass w/ former NBA Star Jason Kidd: Peak Performance

SEL Newsletter & Blog -- Serving Others

Mindful Happenings in Austin ISD

Here are a few mindfulness highlights from across the district. Email me or tag your tweets with #mindfulAISD so I can highlight your work in future newsletters.

Mindful Bulletin Board

Check out this sweet Oak Springs bulletin board! What a great visual reminder for students in the hallway. I love this idea so much. This would be an easy way to further integrate mindfulness in the climate and culture on more AISD campuses.
Big picture

Satellite Campuses Mindfulness PD

I had the honor of doing an evening Mindfulness 101 session just for the Satellite Campuses a few weeks ago. Huge shout to the staff from the Satellite Campuses for working with and showing compassion to our students who need it most.
Big picture

Multilingual Team Meeting

Shout to Dr. David Kaufman, Maria Arabbo and the Multilingual Team for inviting me to their team meeting to share mindfulness.
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Literacy First--Mindfulness Champions

Literacy First, an AmeriCorps program that helps with reading tutoring in some AISD schools, has also been instrumental in supporting mindfulness on their campuses and district mindfulness events. Thanks y'all!
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Trainer of Trainers w/ Students

We did a "Trainer of Trainers" at Casis Elementary last week with 2nd graders as they prepare to lead mindfulness at school assemblies and in other classrooms. I'm excited for them to share their knowledge and skills with others at Casis.
Big picture

Mindful Counselors

Last week, we hosted AISD Counselors for mindfulness workshops at the Blanton. This photo shows Secondary Counselors doing "Mindful Weaving" at the Blanton. It's an ongoing, hands-on exhibit at the Blanton. Did you know all AISD staff gets in for FREE to the Blanton Museum?!
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Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide

Those of you who are using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend Weeks 15-17 for December. As a friendly reminder, the book will be published by Free Spirit Publishing soon and I won't be able to give away free copies anymore starting in 2019. AISD staff, sign up for a free electronic copy of the book while you can in the support form at the bottom of this newsletter.

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