Press Release

Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP)

From our Principal

Dear parents,

The Department of Education has posted a press release regarding the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP).

The DEED has been working with all Alaskan schools, superintendents, and educators to gather input regarding the AMP assessment. They will be working to find a better suited assessment for the 2016-2017 school year.

It has been determined that "in order to meet current state and federal requirements, it will be necessary for the AMP assessment to be given again this spring. However, the department will immediately begin collaborating with stakeholders to determine the assessment approach that will work best for Alaska’s students, and to inform a request-for-proposal process."

Our district and superintendent have been advocating for our students and our schools. It is good to see that our voices have been heard and we can have an impact on positive change. As a public school, we will still be required to participate in the spring assessment. It will be important to have our students participate to help us meet our participation requirements. We will continue to advocate for our students and work with our stakeholders to provide the best input that will support our students.

Please join us at our program-wide PAC meeting on February 2nd for more information or be sure to read additional updates in the upcoming Raven's Call.


Andrea Cottrell, Director Distance Education

Raven Correspondence School