Future Ready Academy

March 2016

To Do:

  • Secure a Full Day substitute
  • Accept Calendar Invite
  • Register on Workshop

Featuring Amy Mayer of friEDTechnology

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After teaching college English, Amy entered the K-12 sector and found out that teaching was not what she thought it would be. After 1.3 years as an self-described "unsuccessful" teacher, she learned what all great teachers know, you've got to figure out how to get people interested in what you want them to learn. This epiphany has driven her ever since. Whether it's staff development for adults or digital citizenship for children, Amy is obsessed with engagement, how people work, and what gets them truly, deeply interested as well as what kills motivation every time. One thing you can ALWAYS count on from Amy is getting a little truthiness with your inspiration. Come prepared ready to say, "me too," and mean it!

Meeting Dates

Lunch will NOT be provided. Time will be given for lunch on your own.

Your cohort will meet at Bowie Learning Center on the following dates:

Cohort 2- March 1, 2016

Cohort 3- March 2, 2016

* Cohort 1 will be split between the two days. You will receive an email with your assigned date.

We will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Have You Tried Any of These?

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Shawna Ford (sford@weatherfordisd.com)

Racheal Rife (rrife@weatherfordisd.com)

Lance Campbell (lcampbell@weatherfordisd.com)