Solid? Liquid? Gas?

Which one? How can you tell?

Four Key Principals

  • All Substances are made up of tiny particles
  • The particles are always moving/vibrating
  • The particles have spaces between them
  • The motion of the particles increase when the temperature increases and slows when they decrease


  • Cannot Be Compressed
  • Holds Its Shape
  • Has a Fixed Volume
  • Particles Vibrate In Place
  • Particles have very little Space Between them
  • Has the LEAST Kinetic energy


  • Change Shape To Their Container
  • Has a Fixed Volume
  • Particles are able to move around
  • Particles are not connected
  • LIttle space between particles
  • Has MORE Kinetic energy than solids


  • Take the shape of their container
  • Take the volume of their container
  • Particles are able to move around
  • Most space between particles
  • Has MOST kinetic energy
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