What Started The War of 1812?

Let's find out!

Several sparks led to the fire that was the War of 1812. The official spark to start the fire was none other than the Impression Issues which was made clear in the declaration of war by the United States. Impressionism is the act of taking men into a navy with and or without notice. This act was being done by the British due to the searches for soldiers that had abandoned their British ships to work on American ships because condition and pay was better. Aside from these the acts being practiced, the British also blockaded American vessels and embargoed shipments intended for France. This angered the Americans and gave more reason for the war "hawks"of the American Congress to convince the American congress to declare war. One final idea that helped start the war was the idea of the need to completely expel Great Britain from the land still under British control from North American territory. Although this reason in declaring war was not the official reason as to why the War of 1812 started, it can be seen as a result of what the war was able to achieve.

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